Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dorkula - The Werewolf Club

Title:  Dorkular
Series: The Werewolf Club #3

Author: Daniel & Jill Pinkwater
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0-689-83848-4
Reading Age:  9+  years

Could any school have a werewolf club that has actual werewolves in it?  Well, this club gets worried when a vampire asks to join them and after that, strange things begin to happen… all the fruit in the town goes missing.  What could be causing this and how can the Werewolf Club sort it out?

The story is full of jokes and funny comments like the difference between a vampire and an umpire.  'One will put off a batter by shouting like heck and the other will turn into a bat and bite your neck.'

My 'magical' word choice include pastrami, Transylvania, Romanian, Bismarck, adjourned, obnoxious, emerging, subtle and fiend.  This is a very silly story but lots of fun to read.

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