Friday, 29 June 2012

The Gruesome Truth

Title:  The Gruesome Truth
Series: Hotshots

Author:  Bernard Gallate
Genre: School, Family, Adventure
Reading Age:  9+ Years
ISBN:  0-7336-1682-8

Leo tells the world's biggest stories but this time it has got him into a tough spot when he tried to impress his whole class.  He has to come up with the giant hailstone he bragged about or he will be exposed as a liar.  The trouble is that Oscar, his sister's goldfish, is in danger of losing his home forever!

Remember that a 'doona' is the Australian word for a duvet and an 'sky' is a chilly bin.  This story is full of 'magical' but sometimes tricky words like gigantic, traumatic, pulverized, fabrication and formulating.

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