Sunday, 1 July 2012

Little Wolf - Pack Leader

Title:  Pack Leader
Series: Little Wolf

Author: Ian Whybrow
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 711860-0
Reading Age:  10+  years

Little Wolf (a small wolf) and Smelly (his baby brother) send a series of letters to his parents about what they have been getting up to.  

Little Wolf and his baby brother get captures by the 'show off' neighbours' son Spoiler.  They laughed, called him names, gave him Chinese burns and ran away with his brother.  Little Wolf enlists the help of all his friends and he becomes the Little Wolf Pack Leader.  

They escaped the evil rabbit fur thief, followed the secret clues, rescued the furry rabbits and helped Smelly get free.  

This is a nonsense story which is just a collection of letters.  The ideas are crazy and watch out for some really creative spelling in Little Wolf's letters, by that I mean some terrible spelling like…  brief, kwite, lectric, practiss, wins, faymuss.

If you are no so confident at reading, the strange confused sentences and spelling might be tricky but it is quite amusing, like listening to a three-year-old telling a crazy story.  Have a read and tell me what you think.

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