Tuesday, 3 July 2012

When Santa Fell to Earth

Title:  When Santa Fell to Earth

Author:  Cornelia Funke
Genre:  Fantasy
Reading Age:  10 Years
ISBN: 1-905294-14-X

This story is just like a present, enticing until you open it and not letting go till you finish the last page.  I loved the language the Cornelia uses as she paints a bright picture in your mind about Santa, his elves and the evil that chases them. 
My most 'Magical' phrases were - 'A thousand bolts skewered the stars, and thunder rolled across the pitch-black sky with a sound like a derailed freight train.' Another phrase that I loved was… 'Lightening licked the ramshackle caravan like a snake's tongue, but Niklas dreamed of almonds and marzipan, as Santas usually do.'

This book hooked me right in and I couldn't put it down.  Beware, it will capture you too in the magical world of the True Santa.

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